What are LocalGolfer Badges?

LocalGolfer Badges are a way we recognize our best and most loyal members. Today there are a few badges you can earn just from being an awesome reviewer:

LG Badge Type How to Earn The Badge

This badge is earned by posting seven reviews that have been approved by the LocalGolfer.com moderators. Once your seven review are approved you have earned the prestige of your reviews getting automatically approved. That is right, no more waiting 24 hours, your review is approved right away and posted on the site instantly.

This badge is reserved for our top reviewers. Once you have posted twenty reviews that have been approved by the LocalGolfer.com moderators you will receive the PRO Badge. As a PRO Badge holder, your reviews are not only automatically approved, they are also featured on the front page of LocalGolfer.com instantly!

When you are the best of the best you receive the Green Jacket badge. Post 100 approved reviews and you will acheive ultimate LocalGolfer status; with this status you will receive some free LocalGolfer swag. The free LocalGolfer swag features a sweet Under Armor LocalGolfer polo that will make your friends jealous! When you reach the milestone, make sure you shoot us an email with your address and shirt size and we will get your free swag right out to you.

Don't hide behind your keyboard, post your reviews with pride and upload a profile picture! You receive the PROFILE BADGE when you upload an awesome pic of yourself. Ok well if you are a little shy, you can upload a picture of something other than yourself, but make sure you make it interesting.
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